Tubular Vs AGM Batteries: Which Is Better?

Axess power educates its clients with respect to battery maintenance on a periodic note, making them stay aware of the current trend in charging options. On a comparative note, the gel and AGM batteries are sealed, except for a gas vent, and the tubular batteries have openings on top for measuring and refilling the liquid to the required level. Automatic sealing takes place once the gas is dissipated in Gel and AGM batteries. But the output will not be the same moving forward. Tubular batteries are easier to refill but this scenario is not desirable as it requires a dedicated team to do the task in case of bigger volumes. Once the liquid reaches a threshold, without any replenishment, then the battery will be dead.

Key points on recharging:

At Axess power, we constantly go for new innovative charging options that suit our clients. The voltage drop determines the capacity of the battery, to perform well when it is recharged. Earlier it used to be around 6 to 7 volts but as of now, there are modern chargers that can work even if the voltage drops to around 0.1V. This makes it easier to recharge any battery but it is always advisable to use the prescribed chargers for that particular battery model. There are some latest models which can recharge all batteries too, with a switch to select the model before recharging. Since we use European Battery models for most of our clients and, as it is a premium line of batteries, the chargers are constantly undergoing changes to accommodate the latest inventions in battery technology.

Time Taken To Recharge:

The time taken to recharge a battery is the ultimate selling point of a brand and Axess Power’s battery trading principle is to ensure that we supply only the batteries that can be charged within the downtime parameters set forth by our clients. The assurance of minimal downtime due to battery charging issues is any client’s core requirement and Axess Power has made sure that there is zero margin for error in it.

Battery Dimensions and Customization:

The capacity of the battery and the dimensions required are the most important factors in determining the suitable battery backup and charging method. Axess Power provides industry inputs to clients with regard to the options available and guides them in selecting the appropriate charging options. We help formulate the maintenance and recharging schedules with the target to have zero downtime.

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