AAGE Contracting

We Cover All Bases in Our Contracting Services

Qatar is noted for its extremely luxurious lifestyle and is now becoming a hub for many industrial investments. Infrastructure development demands quality service providers and AAGE International perfectly fits the bill. We provide a comprehensive and complete package concerning the exponential demands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements.

Skilled and certified staff with a flair for extravagance will provide you with stunning creations and solutions. Architecture is revamped for the entire country and Qatar is quickly becoming a class apart from the rest of the world concerning living style.

Challenges faced by the client based on past scenarios:

  • Getting a certified contractor with a good reputation and capabilities
  • One point access requirement instead of coordinating with several teams
  • Ensuring the use of environmentally friendly materials only in all tasks

Why we are best in what we do !!

At AAGE International we fulfill all the above requirements more than the client’s expectations. Our routine training program for our skilled employees on the latest technologies ensures smooth service and transparent processes. Our mission is to take your vision for a project, regardless of how challenging it may be, and make it happen as you have envisioned.

We take large-scale projects, commercial or residential, and complete them within the timelines stipulated. We take pride in the fact that we are directly responsible for the country’s economic and business sector development.

Responsibility are our core virtues !!

We enable our clients to make informed decisions on the go based on our valuable inputs on the projects we undertake. This makes their job easier in getting tasks done and the progress made in the project can be reviewed daily. We guarantee our clients’ quality and rest assured we will deliver it on a timely basis. The interactions with us will always be polite and we expect long-term business relationships with all our clients evident from our customer-centric approach at all times. Earning your trust and being a reliable partner is our dream and we make your dream projects come true.

  • Beautiful landscaping and impressive high rises
  • Civil, architectural, electrical, and plumbing contracts
  • Open to both public and private sectors