Gel Batteries

Gel Batteries Empower your Outdoor Applications with their Robust Quality


AAGE International supplies Gel Batteries with a large storage capacity that makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. The unique pressure-regulated valve technology ensures that the battery has no risk of spills or fumes. Quality elements are used and repeatedly tested in industrial conditions to provide you with the most failsafe batteries. These batteries are suitable for long-duration operations and in places where deep discharge qualities are expected. The durable plastic container can withstand extreme heat conditions too.

AAGE International gel batteries have faster charge acceptance features because of using only active materials as battery components. These sealed batteries need no water top-up and are best suitable for tropical climatic regions. Our supply of innovative models finds a variety of applications across all industrial sectors.

Technical Features

  • A good warranty period offered
  • No stratification issues for our batteries
  • Recovery from deep discharge is above par
  • 12 Years of design life
  • Undergoes rigorous testing methodologies for reliability
  • Suitable for Solar/Outdoor Applications
  • Low Discharge Rate
  • High Operating Temperature
  • Maintenance¬†Free¬†Operation

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