Front Terminal Batteries

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AAGE International supplies large volumes of unique Front Terminal Batteries that have zero water loss life cycle and are appropriate for constrained space. Flexible usage fits in any cabinet and ease of operation makes it the best battery type where instant installation is required. The fire retardant and no-terminal heating qualities are very much appreciated in the industry. Proper insulation ensures that there are no short circuit issues and the resilience of the AGM technology ensures they do not dry out easily too.

These batteries are born out of need and hence all the individual elements used have very low resistance values for the best-guaranteed performance. The discharge rate is high in these batteries as the segmented copper inserts ensure good conductivity without any heat dissipation. These batteries are suitable for longer power outage areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Shelf life of 6 months and 12 years design life
  • Compatible with any cabinet structure
  • Stable output even in high temperatures
  • Reduced thermal runaway
  • Convenient connectivity designs

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