Control Transformers

Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer in the Electrical System

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Control Transformers are useful where the available voltage must be changed to accommodate the voltage required by the load. For many electrical circuits, with our custom designed magnetics including transformers, reactors, chokes, inductors and custom enclosures. We have an extensive experience in providing a complete qualitative range of Power and Distribution Transformers to our esteemed clients at reasonable market prices.

Transformers are manufactured in a variety of choices to meet many applications. Dry-type transformers are offered encapsulated, ventilated or non-ventilated, 600 Volt Class, isolation type, single and three phase, through 500 kVA. Indoor and outdoor models are an option.

General purpose transformers can be located close to the load. No vaults are required for installation and no long, expensive feeder lines are needed. Common applications include inductive and resistive loads such as motors, lighting and heating.


  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Control Transformers
  • Safety Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Motor Starting Transformers

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  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizers
  • DC Power Supplies
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