AGM Battery Advantages

Axess power shares a few facts with all our clients on a general note helping them know the advantages and disadvantages of the available AGM Batteries in the market. Our battery trading success is attributed to the knowledge we gathered over the years and we feel that it is our responsibility to share this information with the public.


  • No Spillage
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Can be used in any orientation
  • The self-discharge value is low
  • Handling the batteries does not require training
  • Best for places with limitations in ventilation
  • Quick recharging is possible due to low internal resistance
  • Their capability to provide heavy power outputs makes them the preferred battery type for winching-related applications

Operating Temperature: However, the AGM type scores better due to its ability to operate better in colder temperatures.

Pricing point: AGM batteries are less expensive than Gel Batteries. In the battery industry, the best pricing package is only available for AGM batteries.

Safety aspect: AGM are safer than gel batteries because their electrolyte solution is absorbed in a glass mat which assures zero spillage over Gel batteries where the electrolyte is suspended in a gel.

Peak Voltage Performance: AGM batteries perform well at higher voltages and also during voltage fluctuations than the Gel batteries which are very sensitive to voltage input. This fact gives AGM batteries a better stability factor than the gel batteries

Some factors that make Tubular Batteries lose the competition to AGM And Gel Batteries:

  • Water level maintenance is to be scheduled on a routine basis and can be done only with the help of service personnel
  • Adequate ventilation is required especially while the batteries are being charged
  • Safety concern is always there with these batteries as there may be undue accidents during overcharging and can cause damage to property as well
  • Some batteries emanate hydrogen gas which is highly flammable
  • Corrosion of electrodes issue is frequent
  • Spills are quite common with these batteries and cleaning the spillage requires more time
  • They have a higher self-discharge rate
  • Transporting them requires special care as they are not that flexible like Gel or AGM.
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