Why are we the best Battery supplier in Qatar ?

Our first hand functional experience of handling, supplying and trading in batteries is beyond par to the rest of the suppliers in the world. We succeeded in many challenges of battery usage and supply making us provide fail safe suitable batteries to our clients. Our motive to provide a worthy product and our responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint makes us a Reliable Battery Supply Partner. Our versatile nature of supplying batteries to any application without a waiting period makes us unique in this business. Our priority is to provide long lasting batteries that are optimized for the best out performance.

We operate on three main factors that make us stand apart from our competition: less cost, less time and more quality. On a comparative note, our batteries have competitive and unbeatable pricing strategies in the market that make us the most preferred Battery Trading Company. We ensure that the orders are delivered within the timeframe mentioned, well in advance. Our respect to the time deadlines agreed with the client is our secret of success in this highly competitive market.

Our specialty is the consistent quality of the batteries we supply which surpasses any battery of equal specification. The premium quality batteries make life easier for clients with a steady output in any drastic conditions. We have a comprehensive checklist of pre-requisites of our batteries before we supply to our client. Our attention to detail in testing these batteries before we supply them, gives zero margin of error.

Why do we prefer Axess Batteries?

We understand that battery solutions are based on the client’s unique requirements and a suitable battery that fits the client’s needs, should have the necessary standards to be traded in Qatar as per regulations. This is why we prefer Axess Power Batteries as the units they deliver satisfies all parties concerned without any additional cost attached to it. The quality control procedures of Axess Power batteries follow a streamlined list of checks that rules out any defective units before they come out of the production department.

Axess Power ensures that the battery test condition ensures that they have a smooth output under specified temperatures, voltage and other harsh conditions. Constantly upgrading their technology to the latest trends, they ensure that all their batteries have the latest specifications in the market. Operating temperature range is the ultimate selling point of Axess Power batteries and they add several safety features too. The materials used in their batteries are enhanced upon years of experience in this field and easily surpass the lifetime of an average battery.

Indigenous designs and sturdy alloys used in the batteries make them rated as superior to any battery with the same specifications. Leak proof and completely automated sealing technology makes them maintenance free for a long life. Their shelf life has a very low discharge and storage safety is completely covered, providing the client with multiple decision making options. Trustworthy Industrial Battery products with spill free type that doesn’t have any spill make it the preferred choice for hospitals and research centers. Solar power plants mainly use these batteries to improve their storage capacities.

Battery suppliers in Qatar are Your Service 24/7

We deliver what we promise and the no-compromise attitude in the quality of our work ethics makes us proud to be the number one battery trading company in Qatar. Eco friendly products with unique raw materials that can withstand shock and surge at the same time makes our batteries work wonders in the power storage sector. Our ability to deliver any type, any spec and of any design rechargeable batteries make us surpass our competition by a huge margin. We adhere to the ISO14001 QMS and hence our batteries have wide acceptance in many government sector companies.

Excellent after sales support and 24/7 technical support keeps our customers happy as they can get our guidance from their couch. The batteries we supply use special formulations in their AGM substrate and rare-earth raw materials in their electrodes. This makes them perform better even under a lower power input. Good energy density with high resistance to corrosion is some of the salient features to mention about these batteries. There are special batteries to operate in high altitudes with polymer electrolyte and Euro bat design. The aging factor is well analyzed before we give the client a timeframe by which any decline can be expected in our batteries.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution to all your battery requirements and since we are doing business in the richest economies of the world, we understand that the standard we need to observe should be the benchmark for other companies. We strive to accommodate challenging orders and we have written several success stories in them too.

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