Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

Uninterrupted Power Supply Essentials ATS


Critical tasks need a dedicated power supply input without any hindrance and a reliable ATS supplied by Socomec delivers it non-stop. The switching of power from alternate to normal and vice versa should be smooth in a work environment and we deliver it cost-effectively. Our range of ATS has a lightning-quick response in case of failure by alternating to the auxiliary power. Our expertise in analyzing the inrush and interrupt currents in your factory and providing you with accurate solutions with ATS to balance the same will save a lot of money in the longer run.

Understanding the demands of power by a circuit or device determines the requirement for a stable source and our experienced staff guides you through the installation of ATS. Utilities must be paralleled with the Genset to ensure a continuous power flow and our ATS system helps the entire network in achieving the same. Wherever power can be saved or optimized we suggest the appropriate source for the same saving you from a possible breakdown.


  • Load break switches (Isolators)
  • Meter & Power Monitoring Devices
  • Fuse Protection
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)
  • Power Factor Correction

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