AAGE International & Industrial Battery

AAGE International: Your Trusted Partner for high-quality industrial Battery Solutions

The dynamic nature of the Industrial Battery market in the GCC ensures that only consistent players can sustain the increasing demands. AAGE International is the No.1 Industrial Battery supplier that provides imported brands [European] in a variety of specifications to the different industrial sectors. The industrial battery landscape evolves daily and those companies who have the knack to understand the requirement at the grass root level, make it to the top of the supply chain. At AAGE International we made it our motto to provide industrial battery solutions to our clients, as it is the only way to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to the industries.

Why AAGE International?

Reliability Criteria: AAGE International has the necessary certifications from QCD & SSD about safety. Our adherence to international standards in the operating procedure, with transparent policies, makes our clients feel completely safe working with us. Our association with all industrial battery communities and our commitment to ensure that we reduce the overall carbon footprint with a proactive approach makes us the most preferred and trusted industrial battery partner to many industries in the GCC.

Professional Approach: Our procurement, planning, and supplying of Industrial batteries are done in phases ensuring that there are no undue surprises. We arrive at a blueprint of the requirement and we religiously follow that until we complete the entire project making it easier for the client to visualize the entire process. Our experienced, skilled, and certified staff and the professional relationship they maintain with the clients are above par in all aspects. Our streamlined approach creates a good reputation for us in the industry.

Strict Timelines: Our ability to frame the timeline for a project in the initial phase of discussion and deliver it within that timescale is our ultimate selling point. Our experienced team foresees any problem in the entire project and makes changes accordingly to ensure that there is no delay. AAGE International can adapt to any situation and deliver the work within the time frame agreed making us the No1. Industrial battery distributor across the GCC region. State-of-the-art logistics with a prompt delivery motto is our backbone.

Challenges Faced by Industrial Battery Sector:

Competition: As a rapidly growing sector in an economic superpower zone, the industrial battery market is prone to heavy competition. The only thing that makes AAGE International stand apart from the competition is the ethical practices and our responsibility to our clients. We follow all the procedures, as set forth by the government and procure the necessary certificates before operating our business in any area. This assurance of authenticity makes us an award-winning battery partner in Qatar.

Connecting Supply Chain: As the demand is exponential for the industrial batteries the production too is enormous making logistics difficult to the core. But AAGE International has a well-established fleet of logistics connecting all parts of GCC. Our ability to integrate the supply chain gives us the leverage to make smooth deliveries of batteries without any hiccups. Our core team analyzes the regulations in the area and makes adjustments accordingly to ensure a constant supply of goods.

Responsibility: We understand that we are responsible for these batteries from cradle to grave and our entire working procedure is based upon the same. We take care in procuring good batteries, delivering them to customers. The protocol that we set in collecting the batteries that need to be recycled and our commitment to ensure that there is zero environmental impact in that entire process makes AAGE International the most trusted battery partner.

Awareness: Our ethical policy in creating awareness among both our employees and the client on how to handle malfunctioning and worn-out batteries reduces the environmental impact to a greater degree. Technical aspects of how to isolate a malfunctioning unit and the safety measures observed under emergencies are mentioned in the workplace.

Maintenance: Routine maintenance is the backbone for the smooth operation of a battery-based industry. Our industrial batteries are thoroughly checked by our QC team before supplying and a run-time monitoring facility is engaged to ensure that the batteries perform to their optimum capacity at all times without any overload. Physical maintenance and quality checks on a periodical basis ensure that there is no downtime endured throughout the lifecycle of the battery.

Battery Enclosure: The flexible modular designs of the enclosures allow monitoring devices to be integrated to them with ease and the size of them can be changed easily to accommodate any number of units. Space constraints are taken into consideration and airflow too is a point considered while selecting the enclosure to ensure smooth operational flow at all times.


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